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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SECURADOOR Come with a warranty?

Absolutely! If your SecuraDoor ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. No disclaimers or small print. Just straightforward and simple plain English.

Do You have a money back guarantee?

Yes, and the warranty of good for new or Certified Resale units.. If you’re not pleased with your purchase, simply send SecuraDoor back to us within 30 days, in its original packaging and condition, and we will refund your purchase. This offer is not available for commercial or institutional orders.

How strong is SecuraDoor?

SecuraDoor holds back over a ton of weight and has been tested to over 3,000 lbs. Compare that to the meager 350 lbs of the leading brands and you will see why we say SecuraDoor is serious protection.

Who did your testing?

In July of 2018, we tested SecuraDoor at an independent testing facility in San Diego, CA. Westpak, Inc is a UL Registered Firm, ISTA Certified Laboratory and an A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) Accredited Mechanical Testing facility.

Does SecuraDoor work on all doors?

SecuraDoor is designed to work specifically on hinged doors that open inward. It works on all in-swinging hinged doors, both residential and commercial.

Can SecuraDoor work in a school classroom setting?

While SecuraDoor has been purchased by some schools, we ask each school to confirm that their classroom doors open inward into the class, as opposed to outward into a hallway. SecuraDoor works on in-swinging hinged doors. Newer school classrooms likely have out-swinging doors that allow for egress in case of fire.

Will SecuraDoor work on tile floors?

Yes. We have tested SecuraDoor on tile floors and found it adheres well when properly installed. Installation is easy and the directions are included with the unit.

How adjustable is SecuraDoor?

You should have no problem installing on door knob heights from 34" minimum to 48" maximum. SecuraDoor works with door knob heights that comply to the international building code. (IBc 2009: 1008.1.9.2)

How much does SecuraDoor weigh?

SecuraDoor weighs in at a mere 3.2lbs. That's about half as heavy as a brick; two-thirds the weight of a Chihuahua; about one-third the weight of a cat. It's pretty light!

Is any drilling required?

SecuraDoor requires no drilling of any kind. You simply install it between the floor and the interior doorknob of any hinged door. The box also contains simple instructions for adjusting SecuraDoor to the proper size. You'll be surprised how easy it is. But if you still have questions, the instructions also have a phone number which you can call for assistance.

How far away from the door does the footplate have to be?

The answer will depend on the height of the doorknob from the floor. The optimum angle for SecuraDoor is 25º. If your doorknob is at about 36" (average for homes in the U.S.), the front edge of the footplate will be roughly 15" from the door. Have a question? Email us at

Where is SecuraDoor available?

Currently, SecuraDoor is only available online.

Is SecuraDoor available in Canada?

Unfortunately, no. If you live out of the US please send us an email with your shipping location (including postal code) and we provide you with a custom quote.

Can I order large quanities for commercial purposes?

Large orders of 250 or more units can be purchased and delivered anywhere internationally, when ordered directly through us (

As a business, can I have my logo on the product?

Yes, it's possible but will depend on the quantity of units and level of customization requested. Please note that delivery will be delayed due to manufacturing and transit time.