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Worry no more with SecuraDoor! 

Actual Depth 32 inch Actual Width 6 inch
Color/Finish Satin anodized gunmetal gray with medium gray accents For Use With Exterior Hinged or Sliding Doors
Includes Security bar with pivoting flat solid padded foot Material Satin Anodized Aluminium and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Package Quantity 1 Product Type Heavy Duty Security Door Bar
Weight 3.2 pound Shipping Dimensions 6.00 H x 6.00 W x 32.00 L (in)
Shipping Weight 3.2 lbs


Weighing just over 3lbs, our door stopper security bar is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy and a durable thermoplastic elastomer. Our door stopper security bar is over 5 times stronger than the leading brands. Over a tonne of strength, independently tested by a UL registered company and an ISTA certified laboratory. It has a quick and easy installation on doorknob heights 34" to 48" with hinged doors that open inward. This commercial door security bar will cause no damage to your door or floors! Great for use in homes, apartments, dorms, offices, and traveling!


Simply adjust the length of the door stopper to fit the security bar between the floor and the interior doorknob of any hinged door. The one-of-a-kind handle rotates, providing compression to secure your door against forced entry. Our adjustment collar facilitates the insertion of the adjustment pin and the smooth movement of the inner tube. Our handle yoke allows for one-handed installation on any doorknob while protecting the finish of your hardware. Security doesn't need to be complicated or expensive anymore, our door knob security bar will keep you protected from any unwanted access. 



We provide a door brace security bar that can be adjusted to fit all doorknob heights as per the International Building Code. Our footplate provides maximum surface contact and adhesion to any type of floor surface, including carpet, vinyl, tile, concrete, and hardwood. In contrast to a ball joint, which can slip out of place due to lateral movement, the rotation of the footplate is designed to provide the best support strength angle when installed.

Because SecuraDoor operates on a tension or pressure mechanism and it will adjust to the rattling force produced by an intruder. The door stop stick components are made of pure stainless steel.



You are going to love this home defense adjustable door security bar. You can use it at home or at hotels and Airbnbs to keep your loved ones safe against forced entry! However, we do offer an Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee! If our door stopper stick-SecuraDoor ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, we will repair it or replace it, no questions asked! Never go anywhere without a heavy-duty door stopper bar to keep you and your valuables safe and protect against forced entry!

We are confident you will feel secure with our adjustable front home door security bar.


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