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MSICGlobal is a leading company that aims to create premium home security products for delivering you with best-in-class personal protection and safekeeping your family. MSICGlobal strives to grow its business with the same integrity and commitment that it has acquired to make well-designed personal and home security products giving our customers the best possible quality of products, values, and customer experience by ensuring safety.

Monarch Home Innovations was founded in 2016 by David Workman. To reflect the company's global sales, the company was soon incorporated as Monarch Security Innovations Corporation, doing business as MSICGlobal. The main motto behind starting MSIC is “Smart Security Products for safer living.” We pride ourselves on offering the finest home safety products.


Weighing just over 3lbs, our door bar is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy and durable thermoplastic elastomer.


Simply install the security bar between the floor and the interior doorknob of any hinged door by adjusting the length of the door stopper.


We offer the only door security brace that can adjust to all doorknob heights in accordance with the International Building Code.


"After using similar products, I am really impressed with SecuraDoor. I could see and feel it was a much better product than our previous one. It was easy to set up and after several trials, it was clear the door was not going to move."


We are sure you are going to love your home defense security door bar that is adjustable so you can use it at home or hotels and Airbnbs to keep your loved ones safe against forced entry! However, we do offer an Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee!


Read what our customers say about SecuraDoor

Wow! Bought this for our church and am fully satisfied. We had a different one that always seemed like it was about to fall apart, then it did. After using and looking at other similar products, I am really impressed with SecuraDoor. From the moment I took it out of the box I could see and feel it was a much better product than our previous one. It was easy to set up and after several trials, it was clear the door was not going to move.

Mary J. McCordSupervisor

I like that it is easy to install and easy to remove. I put in it and went outside and tried with all my might to push it back. It moved about 1/4 inch, but the harder I pushed, the tighter it got. I am going to buy another for another door. I got this primarily to keep the door from blowing in during a hurricane, and I am pretty sure it will work.

Leroy E. TylerManager

This is the best device of this type I've ever used and I used another major brand's for over a decade. I had to replace that one when lever-style hardware replaced our standard front doorknob. But, I wasn't sure this one would fit the lever-style handle so I reached out to SecuraDoor's owner. I kid you not when I say he went to hardware store and TESTED this door bar against lever handles to make sure it fit BEFORE I bought it!

Lisa C. BarryAccounts

The product is as advertised, made of high quality materials, easy to adjust and should easily provide the added security needed. The bottom rubber support is larger than most other models and should provide superior grip, especially on slippery surfaces like marble or tile. The only additional feature I would like to see is a simple means to secure the top to the door knob, such as another pin with a long wire.

David JoelActor

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